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I’ve always been a fan of change. I change my clothes at least once a day, I change my toothpaste pretty much every time I buy a new tube, I change my hair three or four times a year, I change the color of pen I use (at work) at least a dozen times a day. (I should keep track of how many colors I use!) These changes are easy to deal with because they are my own choices. However, I don’t get to “pick” the change, the sudden switch can be traumatizing for me. I’d much rather be able to change by my own choice.

Change can be both a positive and negative experience; however, it’s ultimately what you make of it. No one can make you feel a certain way about a new (or old) situation. It is all in your head … pretty much. You can hear someone call you a bitch, and you can either feel empowered because bitches get things done, or you can be upset because men don’t marry bitches. You can take words, because they are just words, any way you want – and you can alter change (change change?) to fit you the same way.

The UC Davis website has a great essay written on how to cope with the stress of change if you are interested. I agree with each of the things they write, and although the article is over decade old, everything they have to say can still be applied to your life. If you’re going through a change, check it out and let me know what you think!

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