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Don’t Be So Emotional!

I bet you’re smiling now, right? I’m sure you heard this from a co-worker, your husband, your boyfriend or whoever else is close to you. For some reason people think that we are to be stoical and a little bit happy or a little bit sad or a little bit anger.

Guess what? I’m giving you a lightbulb moment — “GET EMOTIONAL!” If someone hurt you or you were disappointed, cry, cry hard. You will feel so much better afterwards. Cry is a passage to emotional health.

Who has hurt you in the past? Have you ever cried about it? I hope so because healing has taken place. Today, are you sad? Did someone offend you? Did your sister or brother wrongly accuse and thus reject you? If you covered it up and said, “Oh, it’s ok, I’ll just forget it,” then your emotions are bruised and not as healthy as they could be.

“Be emotional!” This goes for men and women alike and I can just see you men out there say, “No way, I’m the man. I wouldn’t cry for anything or get emotional. That’s the very thing I tell my wife not to do.” Well, maybe she’s been right all along.

So what is emotional health? “…the ability to express all emotions appropriately.” If we break the word down, it is “e-motion”, implies motion or change. Emotional health is not simply the lack of emotional dysregulation or psychiatric disorders. Emotional health is not just the absence of negative emotions.

We are dialoging about mental and emotional health here but health is a compartmental issue. “Optimal health is defined as a balance of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health.” (healthpromotionjournal.com). All of these aspects have a bearing on the whole man or the whole woman.

Be emotional!

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