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How to Avoid a Hangover

The most obvious way to avoid a hangover? Don’t drink alcohol! However, there are other “tips” and “tricks” that the experts (whoever they are) recommend for the morning after. With New Year’s Eve coming up, I thought that I’d share a few of my favorites.

  • Try limiting yourself to a drink an hour … the chances of not feeling so hot the next morning increase greatly when you drink five or more drinks, especially in a short amount of time. Pace yourself!
  • Sip, rather than gulp your drinks; this is probably more polite, as well.
  • Drink water between your alcoholic drinks, this will not only keep your pace slower, it will keep you hydrated and prevent the day-after-edema.
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach – eat something that will help your body process the alcohol you plan on drinking.

If you still wake up not feeling so hot, here are some more ideas that might help you. Everyone is different though, so what works for your roommate may not work for you!

  • Drink a little more! Wait, wasn’t the whole point of a hangover to rid your body of the previous night’s alcohol? While it helps, it only prolongs your hangover.
  • Eat a small meal to settle your stomach.
  • Rehydrate yourself. That headache you have it? It’s probably because you wee’d out more than you took in last night; your body needs liquid!
  • Avoid aspirin as it can irritate your stomach along with the alcohol that you drank the night before. If you have to kill the pain, take as little as possible.
  • Go back to bed; let your body rest – drinking may throw your circadian system off by as much as SIX HOURS!

All in all, drink in moderation and safely.

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