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Levels of Mental Health

When I first started writing on this series, I was thinking of mental health vs. mental sickness. To me, health is feeling good, strong, and energetic. The other side to that is sickness. However, I’m finding out that everything that has to do with health or sickness is referred to as “health”. He has “bad health.” She has “good health.” It’s all referred to as health. Also, those with mental sickness may think that they have good health because they’ve never known anything else so it is normal to them.

Next on this blog, I’m going to take various mental illnesses or mental conditions and explain them and maybe contrast them to good mental health vs. poor mental health.

There are many conditions and levels of health and sickness. I would think that everyone would like to feel strong and healthy rather than sickly and weak. As you read about these conditions, and perhaps even have experienced some of them, make a decision what level of health you want.

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