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Lots of room, Part II

And we’re back to how random things can be likened to Mental & Emotional Health!

Names: names are touchy subjects, they can be both positive and negative. Names have so many connotations, and it’s hard to get past either of them. Speaking of names, I have been using pseudonyms on this site just to protect other people … so if you see your “name” on here (even your “fake” name … and want it removed, let me know.
Oxen: they scare me … enough said.
Panic attacks: a subject I will probably write a lot about because I deal with them daily (sometimes just dealing means fighting them off, or living with them), and I want to educated others on how to help those who live with panic disorders.
Quiche: is gross, I always feel guilty and bad for turning it down, but I don’t like it. Guilt, for me, induces major stress because I never want to make anyone else feel bad.
Reading: like books, I use reading as stress-reliever and an escape. I read anything and everything I can get my hands on – I especially love self-help books because I’m very interested in healing myself. I wish that everyone knew how to read – it’s such an amazing escape technique.
Sarah: that’s me. I am a big ball of mental & emotional health; not normally always “good” mental & emotional health, but that’s me. I used to want to change my name. Growing up I wanted to be a Julie. Now I’d like to take my middle name as a first name because it can be shortened … to a nickname … and I can’t do that with Sarah. I think, if I move to a whole new town/state/etc for graduate school I may change my name. Honest. It’d be the new start I think I need & want.
Thumb wars: I’m not much for competition. The only sport I ever enjoyed was running because I could do it alone and I didn’t have to do it as a race … I could just run. I’m hoping that with a gym membership I use the exercise as a mental health aid and run to get things out. Next week, next week. (BTW, that link is hilarious – check it out – great for mental & emotional health if you like laughing!)
Unicorns: give little girls something to believe in. Everyone needs something to believe in. I am learning, day by day, to believe in myself. This blogging has already helped me get farther in my struggle to do so.
Victory: because I don’t like competition, victory is especially exciting for me. Right now I’m concentrating on victory over any mental or emotional illness I have. It may be that I have to take drugs to win, or I might one day be able to do it without, but for now, I have my heart & mind set on victory. : )
Winter: leads me to Seasonal Afective Disorder. The dark days, rain (in Oregon) and just general lowness of the time of year drags me down. I will probably write a post about SAD eventually for those who don’t know much about it.
X: uhm, I’m stressed about finding a good x-word. LOL I’m skipping this one.
Yams: I love yams. It’s my favorite Thanksgiving food, and most people think I’m disgusting because of it. This makes me happy to eat them, and I have learned to cook them year-round so that I can enjoy the taste through all the seasons!
Zoos: some people are depressed by zoos, some are excited. Me, I’m part of the latter … except for the aviary. I’m scared to death of being poo’ed on by a bird! LOL

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