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Sudden Stress

Today was a stressful day, all of a sudden. I woke up on time, got to work plenty early, went about my routine JUST. LIKE. NORMAL.

Then I called the courthouse to check on my divorce proceedings and learned that essentially, I am divorced. The default judgment had been signed in DECEMBER but they didn’t send me the copy that I asked for, so I didn’t know! I cried once I hung up the phone but knew I had to keep my act together so I filled out the final judgment papers, took them to the courthouse and dropped them off. The judge on our case signs things right away so the divorce is final either today or tomorrow when it’s signed. I’ll know more on Friday, but I think within the next two days it will all be finalized and I’ll probably cry a bit more.

I’m sad because it’s the end of an era, but looking forward to what the new era will bring. I’m proud that I’ve handled it so well so far and I have learned more about myself in the past six months than I have in the past six years. Some days I really don’t like Ex but most days I want to thank him.

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