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What Is “Mental”?

Has anyone said to you recent, “Are you mental, or what?” They were probably referring to some of your crazy behavior. I looked up a definition of “mental” and it was not defined alone. Either it is mental health or mental disorder, mental math or mental impairment, mental illness or mental health professionals…yes, they’ve got a doctor for the “mental” situation.

However, mental refers to an individual’s cognitive and emotional capabilities. Now isn’t that funny! I thought that I was going to be writing about 2 different things “Mental Health” and “Emotional Health” It looks like they are tied very closely together. So is “mental” your mind or your brain or is it more of a certain state of being?

Well, we will be having a dialog on all the ins and outs of the topic of Mental and Emotional Health and the illnesses connected with these two concepts. We’re not just talking about “being mental” or “being non-mental.” We’re talking about Mental Health or Mental Sickness.

Then there is “Emotional Health”. There again, “emotional” is NOT defined. Emotional health, illness, intelligence, etc. is defined. Emotions are feelings. They may be happy feelings or sad feelings, peace feelings or feelings of fear. All are emotions and all are OK. Sometimes we need to feel the emotion of anger. Tomorrow we may need to feel the emotion of joy. We need all the emotions to be whole healthy people.

Mental health problems can be the outcome of many different kinds of experiences such as chronic illness and experiences that undermine an individual’s self confidence. So, now that we have this “baby on the road”, let’s start talking.

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